Painting: Korean Fan Dancer


5x5 acrylic on wood
c2018 Judy Eun Kyung Kim

The Korean Fan Dance is very elegant to see in a live performance. The dancer spins top-like, her dress becomes a floating bell and her fans are feathered, graceful wings, that glide and divide and swim through the air, like a current of joy.

I like to work on small canvases usually 4×4 to 5×5, because the projects can be completed quickly and use relatively minimal paint. This acrylic miniature painting was completed in 2.5 days.

The reason why I want my projects to be finished in a short period of time is because I am a classic procrastinator and perfectionist, I need to work in spurts or artwork won’t be created or finished at all!

Preliminary drawing of Korean fan dancer, c2018 Judy Eun Kyung Kim

I start with a pencil drawing, the image has a crisp, distinct difference. The simplicity of lines captures the movement and dimensional depth like a handprint xray of the art. Often I miss the original details that don’t translate in the same way into colors and paint. My hands are clumsy with paint in comparison to the fine lines of sketching and illustrating.

c2018 Judy Eun Kyung Kim

The wooden canvas I use is box like, made of Birchwood. I like to let the beauty of the wood remain on display along with the art image. The wide sides allow for another layer of the image, extending the mysterious edge.

This painting will be on display at San Francisco Public Library, 4th Floor, at the SFPL Staff Artshow from December 2018 through March 2019.  If you are a local SF Bay resident, come view the collective creativity.


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