Collage Flow

I love the calm, alert, thoughtful trance that comes when I’m making things. It’s a relaxed form of concentration that happens when I’m reading also but that’s a more receptive and interpretative mind space. Creating especially visual art, utilizes imagery, mythology, legendary tales, symbolism, spirituality and the dream world, the collective unconscious.

I love dream life, my moon in Pisces loves the flow, of interconnected seemingly unrelated coincidences, happy accidents, serendipity, synchronicity, and deja vu are very interlinked in my senses. Flow of uncensored thoughts, that’s what we do as we’re dreaming, we’re the master artist creators directing our life stories. Once I had an epic lucid dream and in the end the camera (my eye) pulled back to reveal a movie theater with velvet curtains, even the credits came, and the camera zoomed into the audience where I was sitting. The end. That was one of my favorite lucid dreams.

Here’s a collage I’m still working on, entitled, “The Lovers, To unpathed waters,” It’s inspired by the Lovers card in Tarot. It has the usual elements I like to use symbolically: angels, stars, rainbows, mythology and the poetry of words phrased mysteriously. To unpathed waters evoked a fresh start, an unusual future, promise of adventure, so it was a perfect find for the message I wanted.

The tarot devolved from mysticism to become mere playing cards for aristocrats, so I used them also using the grumpish looking queen and jack of hearts cards. I like the gambling theme also, unlucky at cards or love?There’s a classic decision to be made in the Lovers card usually it represents a love triangle or a choice between two significant things.

The rainbow leminiscat is from Egyptian mummies and forms both an infinity symbol and the image of ringed Saturn, the cosmic task master of obstacle. There is a slight gap waiting for the right element to place there or maybe leave it empty like Michaelangelo’s god and adam ET finger point!

It’s not finished, needs more magic I think, but my heart’s feeling tired, maybe like life, it needs to pause and ruminate.

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